collection of bharatnatyam jewellery and kuchupudi jewellery We have all ranges starting from Original Temple Jewels to Imitation Jewels, We have Introduced Margam Dance Sets a range in between original and Imitation.

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Bhratnatyam Jewellery collections (215)

vanki - Green

Rs. 2,880.00


Rs. 2,880.00

Sun and moon

Rs. 1,750.00

single mango green

Rs. 2,720.00

Saradu Small Peacock

Rs. 1,760.00

Saradu Pendent

Rs. 1,470.00

Saradu Peacock - Green

Rs. 850.00

Saradu Peacock

Rs. 850.00

Saradu Pathakam - green

Rs. 1,480.00